Studio Bonsai

Founded by architect Uri Kita (B.Arch. Technion) in 2009.

Studio Bonsai was founded by architect Uri Kita (B. Arch, Technion 2006). The studio specializes in production of photorealistic renderings and animation videos, virtual tours and more. Since 2009, we provide solutions to a wide range of industries: architecture and real-estate, military and civil industry, marketing and advertising. On every project, on every field, we focus on creating a unique, realistic look and carefully craft our renders to achieve results which are highly detailed and spectacular.

Our team is highly experienced in diverse areas of design – architecture, industrial and graphic design. Hence, We have the ability to create a magnificent image, even based on initial stages of design, references of “look and feel” etc.

3d based-Visualization is a powerful a marketing tool, it creates an emotional response in the intended buyer or investor. Therefore we carefully put in each project it’s right added value – precise handling lighting and material, selecting an appropriate atmosphere and a reference to the smallest details.

As a team of architects and designers, we master professional terminology and details thous creating an effective and direct workflow. We always maintain our ability to re-examine ourselves in the field of computer graphics, and update our practices in accordance with technology updates.

All these make us your home rendering studio. Bonsai Studio.

Why bonsai?

Bonsai is the Japanese art of growing trees and plants in miniature.
It is said that Bonsai creators are inspired by Japanese trees growing in the crevices of high rocky mountains. These growth conditions have preserved the essence of those trees forcing them to become miniature and concentrated.
This meticulous, minimalist example has been the source of inspiration for the name.